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Campus Intro

CitywestThe vision of the Business Campus is to provide an environment and atmosphere in which modern industry and people can both operate and innovate successfully.

As a result our Business Campus is designed and laid out to the highest international standards. It is also distinctively Celtic reflecting aspects of Irish Landscape and Culture.

This is a website for you - the people who work at Citywest Business Campus - to keep you informed about developments and new amenities. It lists relevant information about transport links and what other services are available on the Campus to you.

RiverwalkCitywest has 220 companies from nine different nationalities. Within Citywest there is a choice of Restaurants, Shops, ATM facilities and a modern Creche and Filling Stations on site. Click here to view all amenities. Public and Private Transport services to the city, and to the Dart, is available within the Campus.

The Luas at Citywest is operational since July 2011. The Citywest Luas extension has been designed, developed and funded by Davy Hickey Properties, the Developers of the Campus. The Luas is a welcome addition to our world-class business campus which hosts a dynamic mix of Irish and International Companies who have chosen to locate here. The Luas will be an integral part of our already well serviced infrastructure system.

There are a number of spectacular locations on the Campus to enjoy at lunchtime such as Riverwalk which is an urban street scape scheme where you will see more than 200 specimens of plants, the largest being the mature oak at the gateway to Riverwalk.

There is also the Tara Pool which was designed as a replica of the famous Tara Brooch using basic materials of water, rock, trees and plants. There is an abundance of wildlife such as Duck, Herons, Moorhens, Swans and Fish who have come to make their home and breeding grounds at the Tara Pool.

I hope you find the Campus an enjoyable and interesting place to work.

Stephen Campbell,
Campus Manager