At the heart of the Citywest Campus lies Riverwalk, a major office development providing an urban thoroughfare with convenience store, sandwich shops and a 100-seater restaurant.  It is flanked by distinctive office buildings facing onto water with a series of weirs flowing down the centre before opening to a central piazza.

An essential part of the brief for Riverwalk was to create a landscape setting where people could meet, relax and work in a stress free natural setting, a place where ideas can spring, develop and grow. Riverwalk has matured into a place of beauty and shelter and ideal for a lunch time stroll.

There you will see more than 200 specimens of plants, the largest being the 15 m plus mature Quercus cerris (TurkeyOak) from Germany and the Cedrus atlantica Glauca ( Blue Atlantic Cedar) from Italy. Plants were sourced throughout Europe, including the heavily scented Lime trees from France +; Tilia henryana and Tilia mongolica.

The stone seats and entrance pillars are of Kilkenny Limestone selected for their ingrained fossils. The stone in the weirs are of weathered field limestone from Ardrahan, Co Galway. The feature stones with veins of quartz are from a small quarry in Cork. The granite bridge which is formed from four solid blocks of hand carved granite engraved with Kingfishers on a branch, is from Putian Province in China.

As part of the Irish Culture of the Campus, The "Blind Fiddler" which plays  overlooking the pond weir  is by the international Sculptor Bob Quinn.  It is part of a trilogy of a musician playing to a young girl and boy dancing on the rocks.

Social Interaction

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Less Tangible Qualities of Riverwalk

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