The Tara Pool and Lake

From inception in 1992, the quality of the landscape of Citywest was viewed as of paramount importance, not just as a physical entity but also a cultural one. 

The name Teamhair in Irish is derived from the genitive ‘Teamhrach’ which means spectacle. The Tara Pool and Lake takes its title from the Hill of Tara, a hill and ancient ceremonial site in County Meath, Ireland.

According to tradition, Tara was the inauguration place and seat of the High Kings of Ireland and prominent in Irish mythology. It includes numerous monuments and includes a standing stone believed to be the Lia Fail, or Stone of Destiny.

The Tara Brooch was used to encapsulate this mythological character using a landscape of water and stone, but with its origins in the Hill of Tara.

With two interlocking rings, one circle paved with a family of standing stones where the jewels would appear. A second circle of water with an inner and outer pool is fed from a spring flowing from the stone in the centre of the two circles. A line then runs through the two circles, like the pin of the brooch extending into the outer lake imitating the dry stone walls of a County Mayo field that has been submerged in times of flood.

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