Ultimate ecological health can be demonstrated by the variety and numbers of wildlife. 

To be able to share the working environment with wildlife is of inestimable value. A study by King’s College London in 2018 found that being among trees and hearing birdsong improved mental well being, and the effect lasted for hours. Other studies suggest that a forest environment can lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol.

Birds are free to fly where they will, so to bestow Citywest with their presence is a gift. The avian jewel that is the Kingfisher has been seen to visit Riverwalk and the Tara Lake, which is perhaps the ultimate acknowledgement from this shy bird. To encourage a resident pair to stay, specially created burrows have been installed in the banks of the Tara Lake island. Other notable birds to be seen include the Buzzard, Little Grebe, resident Herons, Tufted Duck, Wheatear, Little Egret and the Mute Swan, plus many others.

The lake is home to Perch, Brown Trout and a Terrapin, who can be seen warming him or herself on rocks on warm days of summer.

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